Are personalized cosmetic products possible? This is the challenge we now face thanks to recent discoveries about microbiomes. It is an ecosystem of more than one trillion microorganisms living on the skin’s surface.


Today, everyone is well-versed in gut flora. They know the importance of billions upon billions of microorganisms for digestion and immunity. However, few people realize that our skin’s health is also dependent on the microbiome, a living ecosystem. It is home to a multitude of microorganisms including bacteria, yeast, and viruses. This ecosystem acts as a barrier against environmental aggressions like pollution and UV rays. By constantly interfacing with our cells, these bacteria, yeast, and viruses play an important role in our organism. “The microbiome is an important player in skin health and it is vital to take care of it.”


Unwanted bacteria and excessive multiplication can also affect this delicate cutaneous ecosystem. When there is an imbalance, skin damage can occur — micro-inflammations, eczema or dandruff. A personalized care regimen is the way to go


Every individual has a unique microbiotic signature. This signature is partly determined by our genetic heritage. This is then altered throughout our lives by many factors, such as where we live, what we eat, how we feel, what we drink, and even who we interact with. For example, swimming in the ocean can temporarily alter our microbiotic signature. Our team’s work revolves around this unique microbial identification card. It is constantly changing and it is our core focus.

How it works

The skin conditions known as sensitive skin and eczema can be prevented by controlling the ecosystem that lives on our skin. The appearance of signs of aging was directly tied to the evolution in the skin microbiome.


We have spent years researching skincare products for everyone, from the young to the old.

“Every microbiome has its own unique characteristics, which opens up the possibility of creating individualized care regimens. The results of this study will help to reinvent cosmetics. They can better personalize products based on the ecosystem found on their skin. The dawn of a new generation of cosmetics is upon us. It will be based on the skin’s microbiome and provide products with improved performance. Take care of your microbiome.”

The scientist’s next task is to identify and quantify the positive effects of molecules on the skin. There are many choices: prebiotics that feed “good bacteria ” on the skin and increase their presence; probiotics that live microorganisms; and postbiotics. Future products and cosmetics will be developed for skin hygiene. Recent research has shown that creams containing Lactobacillus Extracts have a positive impact on skin quality and microbiotic balance.

Manifestation of biology

Research is just one aspect of our priority. The development of innovative products is another. Our brand is a pioneer in the development of anti-dandruff shampoos. It does this by rebalancing your scalp’s bacterial ecology. The postbiotic form of protective bacteria was developed, which has enabled us to enrich our care for sensitive and intolerant skins and the anti-blemish product ranges.