With the Holy Trinity of reinventing beauty being our pillars, our excellence lies in converging three separate universes into one potent solution.

The New Science

Introducing the revolutionary new power of Green Science. With the effective use of natural ingredients and ingredients of natural origin using cutting-edge biotechnology (plant cell culture, bacterial fermentation and enzyme catalysis), environmentally-friendly transformation, extraction or fermentation processes, and green chemistry.

The Cosmic Commandments


We believe that the future of beauty lies in nature.


Nature offers us an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

safe effective &

Our products are safe, effective, and natural.

obligation to the

It is our obligation to respect the boundaries of the planet.

The future is green

We’re harnessing the power of Green Science to create a new way of beauty. Green formulation is the combination of ingredients to create a unique technical performance or sensory experiences. Green formulation is made up of ingredients from natural origin, as well as ingredients that have been subject to green transformation and cultivation.

The vision is green​

Green Science encompasses all scientific disciplines, including agronomy and chemistry to green formulation. We are leveraging these disciplines to help meet our sustainability goals. Understanding nature’s instruments empowers us to foster all the more harmless to the ecosystem creation processes.


We are in a process of transition that fundamentally changes the way we make and sell our products. We apply science to sustainably cultivate ingredients,
and extract the best of nature’s offerings through cutting-edge technical processes. Products that are more natural, less chemical and safer than conventional methods, will meet your expectations.

The power of green

Inspired by nature, our researchers and technologists are utilizing science to reinvent excellence in beauty – by committing to sourcing natural ingredients using sustainable methods.

Centella Asiatica contains a few amazing enemies of anti-aging activities. Through this unique partnership, we can help protect the wild plant and also ensure its traceability. We ensure that women who pick the leaves get fair wages. By growing the crop, we can balance our supply of foraging and farming. We balance our production by foraging and farming the crop.

Our need to respect the natural world drives us to develop renewable alternatives to petrochemicals

Natural ingredients were combined with synthetic polymers and waxes to create a natural alternative to standard mascara formulas in terms of volume, definition and performance. The result is a mascara with 99% natural ingredients that provides the same volume and lasts as standard mascaras. It also has a creamy texture that makes it easy to remove. It is hypoallergenic, so it is safe for both contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes.

Tech Revolution in beauty

The technology revolution has radically changed how we approach beauty and cosmetics. Ghatkes embraces innovations that challenge the boundaries of science to reinvent beauty and cosmetic rituals. Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and data processing allow us to tailor Beauty experiences to each customer’s specific needs. We offer a variety of creative solutions. These advances are enabling new ideas to become a reality. We’re proud to be a pioneering voice in the beauty revolution.