Nurturing the flame of creation through an ever-evolving time and space.


 A young woman is confronted by new possibilities in her hometown, familiar from childhood waters – deep blues, calm greens, and a sliver of light. Her eyes follow whatever colors the sky and the lake offers the landscape – abundant with gifts and awed by its beauty; however, there is a new enthusiasm here. There is a house crown at the Ghatkes. The cypress tree guarantees her privacy; guests are intrigued by everyday scenery and can relax in absolute tranquility.

 A fresh perspective allows guests to surrender to the beauty. Ghatkes realizes the dream of the infinite. The house is a dream to leave guests reclaiming the place, and every moment there is an opportunity to achieve their goals – guests are treated to exceptional care and comfort. The young woman enjoys the scent of this mystery, an electric spark, a pulse that hints at potential electricity that she struck with a burn scar that made her life adrift.

In her home, the whole world is here. To recover and explore the tools of eternal beauty. And the way to rejuvenation that is unmatched by desires not seen elsewhere, the satisfaction of achieving their goals.
Interconnectedness spreads through the vessels of nature, driven by humanity, transformed by technology. The word spreads of the magic in the Promised Land, designed to be the new home of eternal luxury.

From India To The World

Fom India to all over the world, the source of life is not well known, but people’s desire for it is known. No one can buy it, but a few would like to explore it. A fantasy of eternality becomes a reality in Ghatkes, an exclusive dream available to a selected few in Mangalore.

A woman who is at ease with what she desires, a woman who can take on whatever is in her mind. She is a gallery owner who radiates femininity; her siren personality draws gazes; however, lately, she feels like she’s not herself. She does not want to see the dull reflection that resurfaces every morning. She’s in awe of the stunning art pieces that are multi-dimensional in their beauty. People can’t help but stand closer, hoping that the magic will be at their fingertips.

She is drawn closer to the Universe of Ghatkes. It changes her world, makes it brighter, shines a light on her eternity. The chariot takes her to the Promised Land and takes her back to reality, an experiment in time, evolving with nature’s order. This is the real test of the beauty she carries. She compels her neighbors and friends and family to take a trip to the Promised Land, for it will bring a revolution in their lives, just like it did in hers.

Just like that, interconnectedness spreads through the vessels of nature, driven by humanity, transformed by technology. The word spreads of the magic in the Promised Land, designed to be the new home of eternal luxury.

Whispers within society

Amid a crowded society, celestial bodies speed across the universe in a dazzling dance. Why are certain people’s stars different from others as impressive as planets?
Ghats. The patient leaves for the clinic for relaxation and rejuvenation following her recent world tour. Sharing her light with the world is a joy. However she’d prefer to leave routines and duties and leave her health; left unaffected by exhaustion for a couple of days. She would like to live in a tiny paradise in the world. The clinic is a meeting point for giants of the arts looking out over a long valley dotted with lush greenery in Mangalore, an inviting pathway that stops at the lake. Her driver plays a subdued tune, slowing to follow a subtle marker that signals the direction the scene already enthralls her. The entrance is filled with cypress trees as you enter the magnificent mansion, illuminated by a stunning sunset.

The estate is filled with creativity and energy exchange. Ghatkes is alive with the vibrant energy and vitality of recovery. She meets an old friend who is a director she admires, and an author who’s too shy to confront her face to face. The atmosphere is uplifting here. She can leap from this world, forgetting her enormous image and being stripped down to the essence of her being. She’ll be back to the public energized and unflinching by her inside light. There’s nothing at Ghatkes which is not untouched by conviction order and, most importantly, hope that the passage of time isn’t an obstacle to humankind. The team strives to reveal the divine from the mundane and the extraordinary from the ordinary as they continue to treat various types of beauty.

Ghatkes' mission is to unlock the mysteries of rejuvenation-inspired nature, science, and culture.

Fountain of Youth

The fountain of youth is the clinic that invites curiosity but guards its secrets. Its effects are world-famous, yet few people know the location of Ghatkes. The silhouette of her favorite actress seen as she arrives at the shore. Green air has perfumed her hair and clothes.

Her diet and infusions are designed to revitalize her life force. This protocol will infuse her with energy and suspend her time in a veil that she cannot believe she is. Cellular therapy is an option for elite clients who want to outrun time. It harnesses the time and allows the client to relax until she feels stronger.

Ghatkes’ vision of herself is with a view to lac lemon and its flawless surface, the mountains soaring over the horizon. Guests are veiled from their daily troubles and sights and can indulge in total serenity. The house’s approach to luxury extravagance is an ally of the extraordinary. When you honor the timeless beauty within, you become free of any worries and find the luxury inside. Ghatkes’ mission is to unlock the mysteries of rejuvenation-inspired nature, science, and culture.