Since the founding and the start of Ghatkes’ groundbreaking work, the House of kama is known as a pristine sanctuary of treating beauty.


To make realize aspirations, and express their personalities to the fullest, using noble techniques, Ghatkes is constantly breaking the codes of desires. Beyond science, the vehicle that drives Ghatkes is the art of beauty. From the meticulous research behind the scientific breakthroughs to the opulent results that envelop the senses, from the jewel-like, precision-designed implants to the custom-crafted high-touch service, the art of desires is not just what Ghatkes is; it is what it does through its seven brands


The House

The ultimate collection of luxury beauty products conceived from breakthrough science and exquisite art for the discerning seekers of beauty.

La-Tacit 1

Beauty, The Way It’s meant to be

Luxurious Skin & Hair Care

The ultimate collection of luxury beauty products conceived from breakthrough science and exquisite art for the discerning seekers of beauty.



The House of Kama by Ghatkes is a manifestation of the ideologies of Goddess Kali and the Kamakhya Temple that has percolated through generations. This deep-seated idea of a promised land dedicated to fulfilling desires finally meets the vision of women and men dedicated to creating a solace for beauty. It is a gateway to the world where beauty is timeless and desires meant to meet their fulfillment.

On the pristine shores of the Brahmaputra river, Ghatkes was founded with a single purpose: to offer a path to rejuvenation. The team was convinced by its land offerings that science was the key to unlocking the secrets of eternal youth. After years of research, we made a breakthrough in 2018 at Bangalore, developing cellular therapy – with astonishing results.


Our approach was as audacious as it was effective. Word began to discreetly spread among the sections of the society, drawing artists, royalty, and world leaders to the bespoke house, which soon became a sanctuary of rejuvenation.


That same audacity has characterized Ghatkes since its very inception.


The exclusive Cellular Complex is a closely guarded secret that makes Ghatkes the scientific powerhouse that it is. By developing exquisite formulations with the highest levels of luxury and efficacy, Ghatkes has not only outdone every scientific innovation in beauty, but also elevated beauty to an artistic peak.


Ghatkes fulfills the promise of desires by meticulously working at its goal of revolutionizing beauty through technological superiority and artistic brilliance. While always having people at the heart of every innovation – that elevates their lives to a higher standard and fulfills their deepest desires.



The wish has a life of its own, It weakens our secrets and colour your dreams, desire is forever and yearning makes us each a model, desires is the river of discovery, dreaming, wanting, reaching, yearning, one house offers the power of path of rejuvenation, fulfilling the beauty desires, not only adding years to beauty but also to give more to timeless beauty in coming years.


The inspiration; a young women encounters new dreams at her hometown, familiar since childhood waters, deep blues, settle greens and silver glow, her eye mimics the colors the sky and lake offer, this landscape is holy, abound with gifts, unembarrassed by its richness but there is new energy here now, there is house crowns the Ghatkes, at the end of cold sack avenue to Ghatkes visitors and fabrics she has never seen inside, her privacy is granted by cypress trees, guests are availed by everyday trouble and sights, free to indulge in complete serenity, a fresh inner elevations prepares the guests to submit to beauty.


The dream of infinity took route at Ghatkes, the house is a living dream, a guest reclaims ours, every second in the house is aspirations, they experience superb care, decrement and ease. The house invites interest but guards it’s secret, the young woman enjoys fragrance of this enigma, a spark, a pulse, a hint of electric possibility that she suffered with a burned scar that left her life standing lifeless.

At the house, it’s here the whole world, it comes to recuperate to visit the tools of timeless beauty and the path rejuvenation with desires unmatched, unseen elsewhere, the experience of fulfilling their desires.