Our ongoing search for breakthrough scientific discoveries and game-changing technology will give you more trust and transparency in your products.

Advanced Research maintains a unique array of active ingredients, which it uses every year to enrich its products by adding new molecules, elements, and other ingredients.

Expertise in the formulation

This crucial phase allows you to move from the molecule to the final product. Ghatkes teams develop thousands of formulas every year. Our expertise in evaluation is a final asset. This is critical for the introduction of new products to the market, as well as for scientifically proving their safety or effectiveness.


Over a century of experience has led us to believe that only solid research can produce cosmetic products capable of producing real results. The unique Research & Innovation model in cosmetics is based around three main entities. Advanced Research is a group that is responsible for continuously enriching scientific knowledge on skin and hair all over the globe and discovering new active ingredients. Applied Research creates formulation systems that can be used in different product groups.

Research, the way forward

Our innovation strategy was founded on a set of fundamental values that are shared by all of our teams around the globe.


Science can increase consumer confidence.

Beauty apps have created controversy over safety. However, they do not provide consumers with enough information to be able to form an informed opinion. It is not appropriate to base safety assessments on only the presence or absence of specific ingredients. Our researchers have rethought the way they create new products to take into consideration consumer concerns. This perception of safety is taken into account, while remaining intransigent about ingredient safety, product quality, efficacy, as well as the accuracy of product claims.

Ghatkes teams also have made it easier to provide consumers with qualitative information about all ingredients in cosmetic products. This includes their purpose, origin, traceability, how they were procured, the environmental impact of their production, as well as the ethical and social aspects of their production.

Diversity inspires science

There are many different types of beauty. We aim to offer a wide range of cosmetic experiences that respect every person's uniqueness. We aim to please all our customers in every aspect. It is difficult but essential. Our Research and Innovation teams are constantly expanding their knowledge about skin and hair types. This allows them offer customized solutions and better understand many beauty routines. Science is our best friend and can help us achieve our goals.

Beauty routines are inherently linked to tradition, passed down from generation to generation, influenced by the climate, and repeated many times. We develop cosmetics by studying these rituals. These observations have inspired us to create cross-cultural innovations based on science and inclusive Beauty.


To fulfill every customer's beauty expectations. Beauty can be as diverse as the customer's expectations. It may vary from one country or the next. It doesn't really matter what skin type. Our innovations are able to meet the diverse needs of consumers, increasing confidence.


Ghatkes is a beauty advocate.
We are committed to ensuring safety, quality and efficacy of all our cosmetic products.
We are sensitive to your concerns about your beauty regime and have a strong trust in you. Therefore, we will answer any questions you may have regarding our products and ingredients