Each type of beauty is different. We have designed one-to-one consultations to make recommendations and advice even more personal. These consultations allow thousands to receive one-to-one advice from a professional beauty therapist.

Virtual skin analysis and virtual try-ons

Consumers can now test their next color with our virtual color and make-up service. There are many options. Highlights, dark or bright colors. there is no limit to what you can do. Our virtual try-on service received five times more users during lockdown than usual. It wasn’t only the most popular.
Reinventing the Consumer Beauty connecting through cosmetics experts for personal advisory
Ghatkes believes that beauty is about sharing, connecting and getting personalized advice. This unique relationship is crucial for both cosmetics professionals as well as consumers.


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The new hair analysis is the perfect illustration.

The brand is always there to help hairdressers make the correct diagnosis and recommend the best products for you. The brand’s assessment tools allow them to offer highly personalized experiences to their customers. By understanding the needs of their clients, the hair and lifestyles, they can not only provide the best care but also give the most valuable recommendations regarding beauty products and routines.


This professional experience can now be continued outside of the salon. Because the future lies in personalization, the brand offers on-line services that listen to customers’ needs and give them the right products and answers.

A person routine is just five steps away

This 5-step diagnostic tool was designed and developed to help you ask the right questions in order to get the best answers. It takes just a few clicks to get a better understanding about your hair texture and scalp. That’s all! You are now ready to go.
You will be given a personalized diagnosis and the right treatment plan. Each combination of products can be completely personalized.
The service allows you to order any part or all of your treatment at the conclusion of your diagnosis for an integrated beauty experience.


Dermatologists developed a skin care and aging algorithm. One selfie can be used to measure your skin’s age, and then a dermatologist reference system is used to create a customized skincare regimen.


This application combines dermatological expertise and artificial intelligence with augmented reality technologies. It’s designed to help you understand the effects of skin aging.The application is powered by a comparative algorithm which grades facial features against a database of 20,000 images. It tracks the significant signs of aging to provide a personalized skin assessment. This assessment identifies your skin strengths and priorities. Then, you will receive a customized skincare plan that allows you to control the aging process of your skin.
This app allows for easy, personalized access to trusted skincare products that you can use to improve your skin. This app allows you to track and analyze the changes in your skin over time. The app assesses how your skin reacts to lifestyle changes and the products you use. This app uses AI technology to identify spots, blemishes and other skin issues and recommend products accordingly.

Fast-forward analysis

Have you ever wondered about the effects of skincare products, poor nutrition, and lack of sleep on your skin?

Your skin's most important ally

Ghatkes has developed My Skin Track UV/Air Pollution to protect skin. This tool combines dermatology and advanced technology.
Overexposure to sunlight can lead to premature skin aging. But there’s another, more invisible threat to timeless beauty that lurks in the sky. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), air pollution is the most serious environmental health risk for human health. It’s a problem that is difficult to avoid. 92 percent of the population live in areas where the air quality exceeds WHO standards.
With a small increase in pollution, the age spots on their cheeks and foreheads rose by 25%.
It was also found that those who were exposed to pollution had a higher risk of developing a reddish complexion and more sebum. This condition can lead to skin problems such as acne. Radiance is also a valuable attribute of the skin that can be affected by pollution.
This innovative application gives information on the user’s exposure to UV rays as well as to pollen, pollution, and humidity.

Individualized advice for everyone

The application continuously measures the UVA rays and UVB radiation received throughout the day. You can access the Track UV app on your Android or iPhone to view all data collected. The program can offer personalized advice by cross-referencing data with information such as skin type and color. The program also recommends which products are best for protecting skin.